Shell Jackets & Sack Coats

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CS Staff Officers Double Breasted Shell Jacket


Price: $65.00

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CS Staff Officers Double Breasted Shell Jacket. Confederate Officers Double Breated Shell Jacket Double breasted with fourteen button front and three on the sleeves, made from a high quality military weight wool Or our exclusive depot jeanscloth, your choice of buttons...[more]

Double Breast Shell Jacket


Price: $65.00

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This is our civilwar double breast shell jacket navy blue with red collar and cuffs, single gold braid. You may please wear jacket both open style as well as buttoned. A fantastic quality!

Double Breast Shell Jacket


Price: $65.00

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Navy blue - Union double breast shell jacket with 14 eagle large buttons on front and 3 of each eagle small buttons on cuffs. Absolutely a re-enactor quality.

Double Breast Shell Jacket


Price: $65.00

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Grey Union officer double breast shell jacket with yellow collar and cuff, 3 gold braided. A qulaity that you love to buy, 100% wool. Click to enlarge view please. Available in multiple choices.

Enlisted man's Infantry Sack Coat


Price: $44.99

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Enlisted man's Infantry Sack Coat. 100% wool.

Fatigue Jacket


Price: $49.99

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Known as the four button "Sack Coat". Available in dark blue & grey wool, unlined, with an inside breast pocket. Buttons included.

Federal Mounted M1858 Jacket & Trouser (Artillery)


Price: $65.00

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Finished in best military weight wool with natural cotton lining and muslin sleeve lining with appropriate makers and inspectors stamps. Features twenty small eagle buttons and wool worsted braid in branch of service colour (Artillery Red, Cavalry Yellow; Dragoons Orange and...[more]

Federal Officers Sack Coat


Price: $55.00

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Federal Officers Sack Coat : Our version is made from a blue wool with a noticable 'twill', It is lined in wool flannel and features an interior breast pocket and three exterior slash pockets, this picture shows a black velvet collar which seems to have been a common feature...[more]

Federal Roundabout RQ


Price: $55.00

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Federal Roundabout RQ. Our version of a typical 'Roundabout' of this period, we make ours with 12 buttons at the front and a plain 1,1/2" high collar. The jacket is 6 piece construction and features a 'same-colour' as jacket pointed cuff which is fully opening and has two...[more]

Infantry Shell Jacket


Price: $60.00

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Infantry Shell Jacket

Infantry Shell Jacket


Price: $59.95

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Infantry Gray Shell Jacket with Sky Blue Collar & Cuffs 100% Wool construction lined with inside Pocket with 7 Brass CSA buttons.

Militia Shell Jacket


Price: $65.00

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69th New York State Militia Shell Jacket. This very stylish blue wool jacket was issued to many New York State units. Fitted with shoulder tabs trimmed in branch of service colour and one belt loop to the left hand side. The collar was also piped but the cuffs were plain....[more]

Mounted Rifleman's Coat


Price: $55.00

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Mounted Rifleman's Coat : Made from our quality 19 oz dark blue field service wool, these jackets are fully lined with natural muslin and have the back bolsters to support the waist belt. Our jackets feature as standard the quality worsted wool lace. Optional chest...[more]

Officer Shell Jacket


Price: $60.00

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See here our authentic Confederate Officer Shell Jacket, Dark Grey Generals with buff color trim. The Austrin sleeve braiding shown here is closed but as true to period it comes with 1/8 of an inch space between rows. Through our manufacturing process and in the field of...[more]

Piped Officers Double Breasted Shell Jacket


Price: $75.00

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Piped Officers Double Breasted Shell Jacket: This Double breasted shell jacket's most distinguishing characteristic is the addition of piping fitted to the turn backs (reveres) and cuffs. It is fitted with fourteen buttons to the front and three on the sleeves, made from a...[more]