Volunteer Rifles Special Package

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Price: $295.00

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Volunteer Rifles: We've done the work for you and put together an authentic Volunteer Rifles Special Package that would have been worn by the majority of soldiers in the British and Colonial Volunteers in the 1860s, you just have to add the braid for your chosen unit. Now you can get all the basic essentials of an soldier in one place. The costume set includes the following items:

LP-1009-WUA grey frock coat
LP-95-WUA grey trousers
LP-46-WUA white shirt
LP-007-LA bayonet frog
LP-76-LA belt
LP-45-LA suspenders
LP-14-LA cartridge box strap
LP-47-LA cartridge box
LP-02-HDW - grey cap
LP-69-LA shoes

Delivery Schedule: International orders are generally received in under 6 to 8 Weeks.


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