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We specialize in Leather Corsets, Satin Corsets, PVC Corsets, Textile Corsets, Leather Garments, Leather Jackets, Western Jackets, Western Vest, Falconry Products, Civil War Leather Products, Uniforms and Accessories.

Those who desire an eloquent figure, we offer our corset as the unequalled expression of this elusive form with individual corsetry. With the many variation of the human form, it is a fact that no number of stock styles or size could meet the requirement. Each individual figure compels personals attention that can only be provided with a made –to- measure corset.

Exquisite corsetry, Superlative quality and sophisticated workmanship

We utilize modern innovative process with top quality materials
- Stainless steel Hooks & Eyes
- Spiral Steel Bones
- Hand applied eyelets
- All corsets pockets are top stitched for extra strength
- Satin, ribbons bias binding.
Satin, Cotton, Denim Jeans, Velvet, PU/PVC and Soft Leather.

Leather Pace combines the highest skill known to the art of corset making. We are dedicated to the time honored traditions of corsetry, actively working with historical and modern designs. With 10 years of experience and education, our understanding enthusiasm of corset is constantly expanding. We thrive on challenging designs of historical beauty and distinction. Creating a wide variety of Victorian and Edwardian corsets, our collection of styles will accommodate all of your desires.

 At Leather Pace, we believe that the corset is an extension of the self. We strive to ensure our corset are an experience that will thrill you and embody your fantasies with a fit that is uniquely your own. We are dedicated to offering corsets that will achieve a well-proportioned figure.

Each Leather Pace Corset begins with an inspiration from an antique corset. All patterns are checked deeply to ensure the correct historical shape is achieved. Upon attaining an authentic shape, a graded pattern is created to your measurements. Extra care is taken to ensure the corset molds your figure, for this all construction and placement of boning is done very carefully. This precise method provides you with a corset made to support and shape your body in the natural way.

Leather Pace Civil War Merchandise:
Our Uniforms, Leather Accoutrements, Footwear and Tinware are made right here in our shops. We provide the finest quality, most authentic wares you can buy. Our Workshops produce a full complement of Military Uniforms and Equipment, as well as Men's Civilian Clothing.

Leather Pace Men's and Women's Garments: You can now be sure of getting that desired genuine leather jacket today! Leather Pace offers finest range of leather motorcycle jacket, casual jacket, leather blazer jackets, leather coats for all men's and women's age. Moreover we also make custom jacket as you want & exclusively world wide shipping.

Leather Pace Falconry Supplies Offers a Great Selection of Hawking Vests and Bags.
Leather Pace Falconry: Manufacturers of Falconry Vest, Bags, Gloves, Hoods and equipment, sold direct at the best prices! We manufacture a unique range of equipment for falconers worldwide, payments can be made on-line in US$, Sterling or Euros, large range of Vest, Bags, Gloves, Hoods and equipment in stock. High quality products at reasonable prices.

Leather Pace Prices: We always take just minor profit that is why everyone is satisfied from us.
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